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Our 10 Favourite Fashion Bloggers You’ve Never Heard Of

Our 10 favourite fashion bloggers you’ve never heard of - for the businesswoman in fashion

If you’re a businesswoman looking for styling, lifestyle, or fashion advice, then fashion blogs can offer great inspiration. There’s oodles of famous, trendy, and glamourous fashion bloggers out there, but at Jinnie Femme, we’d like to show you the bloggers you haven’t heard of! The ones doing something different…or who

Inspiration for Professional Businesswomen: Designer Malene Birger

Designer Malene Birger

As professional businesswomen, we love to see other women succeed. Whether it’s in design, art, business, or literature—seeing other women rising through their industries is an inspiration to us all. Danish designer Malene Birger is a brilliant example of that. If you haven’t heard of her yet, we’ll let you

Are these the most inspirational women CEOs on the planet?

Are These the Most Inspirational Women CEOs on the Planet?

Lauren Bush Lauren, FEED Lauren Bush Lauren started fashion brand FEED in 2007—with little money and little business knowledge. But she didn’t let that stop her. Since then, her ethical brand has provided 87 million meals to starving children around the world! More than just creating a fashion brand or a

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

If you ask anyone to describe British fashions of the 19th century and they’re likely to mention styles that were very modest, impressive and elegant; the focus was on looking put together and refined, rather than standing out from the crowd with garish colours and outlandish styles. During the Victorian Era,