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How to Be Bohemian with Your Office Wardrobe

Isabel Marant ÉTOILE Look

When you’re a businesswoman who loves the bohemian look, you probably want to inject a little of this light-hearted vibe into your office wardrobe while still looking professional. This might seem difficult, but boho doesn’t have to be something reserved for just the weekend, festivals, or holidays. You can easily create a bohemian office wardrobe with these styling tips.

Valentino: Our Current Favourite Outfit

The Valentino Look

When we put together outfits, more often than not we bring together different items from different designers and this works well. However, on other occasions we find that one designer ticks all the boxes and we’re able to create a favourite outfit using a few key pieces from the current collection. That’s exactly what we have done with Valentino.

The Moncler Look


Summer days make you feel fabulous, and you certainly want your fashion choices to reflect that. This year navy is one of the staple colours for all fashionistas. We’ve put together a perfect summer look that’s great for a picnic at the park, or a relaxed and professional look for the office.

Bohemian Style for Businesswomen – Isabel Marant Fall/Winter 2017

Bohemian Style for BUSINESSWOMEN

If you’re a businesswoman who loves the bohemian look, Isabel Marant’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection brings boho-chic to the workplace. Her vintage-inspired silhouettes are balanced with an urban edge that’s perfect for the office or boardroom. So if you want to splash a little boho-chic in your office outfits, think Isabel Marant.

How To Style Head To Toe Gucci

How to style Head to Toe Gucci

Gucci Statement Pieces Working Together

Here are three of our favourite Gucci items at the moment, all of which make a statement on their own. However, they also work well together and show that when it comes to wearing Gucci it doesn’t need to be a case of choosing one or the other. In fact, these three items work together to create a stylish and on trend look for the office or formal event.

Wedding Guest Summer Styles

Wedding Guest Summer Styles

Summer time is the time of love, weddings vows and beautiful ceremonies. It’s the time to enjoy being in the presence of a couple you adore…and the chance to wear something gorgeous yourself. The bride doesn’t have to be the only one to look fabulous (you can’t upstage her of course!) and a wedding is…

Bottega Veneta Look

Bottega Veneta Look

Styling yourself as a businesswoman doesn’t mean you need to stick to boring clothes or dull colours. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to add a little bit of colour into your wardrobe. Why fade into the background in an office meeting when you could pop with something bright? Why dress in the same drab shade every day when you could be injected your own personal style into your office look? In short, there’s no reason as to why you can’t include a tonne of stylish pieces that really stand out into your business wardrobe.

How to: Summer Styling Tips for Businesswomen

Styling Tips For Businesswomen

Work wear doesn’t need to be dark

The first thing you need to remember is that office wear doesn’t necessarily mean dark colours or black dresses. While much of your office wardrobe may contain dark shades, summer is the perfect time to splash a little colour into your outfits! This season’s top colour trends are fuchsia, bright yellow, orange, and tropical green.