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The easy way to determine your body type

The easy way to determine your body type

Though every woman’s body is different and unique in its own way, there are groupings that place similar body types together; the most well known of these include types such a pear shape and boyish, but there are many more. These body type groups make it easier to seek fashion advice and to follow trends, as there’s a rough outline and guide of what does and does not fit your body type.

Pear, curvy, hourglass – what do these body types look like in real women?

Looking at the media you see mostly see slender body types represented, or in recent years, curvy and plus size. We’ve heard of hourglass and pear shaped body types, however there are actually many more body types. When you pick up a magazine, you see glossy, ‘perfect’ looking women who don’t seem to have a bump or flaw. But what do these body types look like in real women?

How To Create The Perfect Bronzed Summer Look

Bronzed Summer Look

Nothing says summer like beautiful, smooth, sun-kissed skin! Bronzer is the ideal way to add a little colour to your make up routine during the summer. Whether you’ve been a bronzer worshiper for years, or want to try something new, we’ve put together an easy, how-to guide on creating the perfect bronzed summer look. This look is great for all occasions, from early morning all the way through to night (think festivals!).

Beauty tips on having great eyebrows

Most times you do not pay attention to eyebrows, but your eyebrows speak a lot about you. Great eyebrows bring out your eyes distinctly, noticeably and improve your overall look. Taking time to make great eyebrows results in a beautiful, attractive and a well-made face. It gives you a great feeling of elegance. However, you do not need to go through stress and difficulty in making your eyebrows look great too.

The Importance of Wearing Sunscreen

Summer is well and truly here, so it’s time to crack out the sunscreen and be wary of how much time we spend in the sun. There’s no harm to spending time in the sunshine during the hotter months and most people will do so to either get a tan or just enjoy being outside. However, it is important to stay well protected and for this sunscreen is key.

Our Favourite Summer Makeup Trends

make up trends

Summer 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting one- the 90’s flare are back with cut shoulders and lots of ruffles and lace. We’ve move from natural glow and glossy make up (and so much glitter!) to something a little more bold for summer 2017. The beauty trends are moving even further back to the Technicolor raves of the 1980s (90s raves are so last decade apparently!) We look at the top beauty and make up trends for 2017, keep on reading to get inspired!

How To Get Skin Ready For Summer

Summer is well and truly here, and so it’s time to ensure your skin is ready for the summer. Many women assume that they don’t need to change their daily routine when the season changes but doing so can actually benefit skin in a huge way.

With summer comes sun damage, dry air, heat and a great deal of time spent outdoors and all of these factors can affect how your skin looks and feels; not to mention the long term damage that can be caused by not taking care of it properly. There are a number of different ways to get your skin ready for summer and here are some of the best.

5 Top Tips For Perfect Bronzed Makeup This Summer

Bronzed Makeup Summer 2017

Bronzed makeup is a popular choice in the summer months as it creates the ideal golden glow and makes skin appear as though it’s been sun kissed. However, knowing how to really rock the bronzed makeup look is something many women struggle with.
Sure, there are You Tube tutorials to help you recreate a famous celebrity’s bronzed makeup look but many of us prefer to do it ourselves. Saying that, no one is above a few top tips! Here are our top five tips for perfect makeup this summer.