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Get tailored fashion and beauty advice and tips for the modern businesswoman. Find out to look professional and fashionable at work and at home without paying for a personal stylist. Shop for luxury, high-end products directly, without spending hours scouring shops, magazines, or catwalks.


Ensure that crucial work-life balance as a businesswoman. Get top tips and advice on health and wellbeing, from exercise to confidence to beauty products. Get a fresh, all-new approach to lifestyle as a businesswoman.

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As a businesswoman, meet the women who influenced the world and be inspired to do the same. Read success stories of inspirational women in art, fashion, and literature.


As a businesswoman, your clothing needs to be practical, comfortable, and professional, but you also want to feel stylish, unique, and fashionable at the same time. Whether you want to appear serious or elegant, contemporary or on trend at work, our Premium membership provides both up-to-date trends and timeless styling tips tailored to you.

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  • Offer products from luxury, designer, and high-end global brands.
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  • Help you discover your body shape and how to choose the right clothes to flatter your figure.
  • Get clothing recommendations for your shape when dressing for a cocktail party, pool party, or presentation, and more.
  • See which colours suit your skin tone and colourings to choose clothing that brings out the best in your complexion.

We take the hours of hard work out of luxury and high fashion shopping for you. Instead of traipsing around endless shops, reading countless fashion magazines, or keeping your eye on the catwalk, we do all of this for you.


When you work hard as a businesswoman, you need to ensure a great work-life balance. As a premium member, we’ll help you achieve this by:

  • Showing you how to manage a full work schedule and still find pamper and relaxation time.
  • Helping you stay healthy in body and mind with tips and guides on mindfulness, confidence, and exercise.
  • Suggesting beauty products that suit your lifestyle as a businesswoman.
  • Giving you simple guidelines to improve your health and wellbeing.

Get inspired

As businesswoman, we are often inspired by other women—their spirit, determination, and strength, and their creations in fashion, art, books, and design. As a premium member, we’ll:

  • Bring you inspiration from influential women who have changed the world.
  • Show you the inspirational success stories of women from art and fashion.
  • Show you the network of powerful women in the world.