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The Best Morning Smoothie Recipes To Energize Your Day

The best morning smoothie recipes to energize your day - for the modern businesswoman

Smoothies are a great way for the modern businesswoman to start her day. They are quick to throw together when the time is paramount, and the fact that all the ingredients have been blitzed together means your body does less work processed the nutrients. In turn, you get an instant

White Noise – The Key To Improving Your Concentration At Work?

White Noise – The Key To Improving Your Concentration At Work? - for the modern businesswoman

Colleagues gossiping about their weekend plans, whirring printers and never-ending phone calls. These are the unmistakable sounds of the modern office preventing a businesswoman from focusing on her tasks and todo's. Every workplace comes with its own quirks, but when you have a growing list of tasks that you need get

Trouble focusing? Try these 7 hacks

Trouble focusing? Try these 7 hacks - for the modern businesswoman

As a professional businesswoman, being able to focus at work is vital to your success, as it enables you to deliver high-quality work, on time. If you struggle to focus on a task, then you often end up producing mediocre work, rushing, or missing deadlines. Unfortunately, as humans—we’re easily distracted,


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