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Best make up hacks for all-day fresh-looking skin

Best make up hacks for all-day fresh-looking skin - for the businesswoman

When your make up is looking its best you feel more confident. One of the biggest struggles for every businesswoman is how to keep makeup looking great all day for that ‘just stepped out the front door’ look. Keep reading to find out our best tips for makeup hacks that

How to create the perfect red lip

Red lip and how to create it Red lipstick is enduring fashion classic. Red lips make you look and feel glamorous whatever the occasion. Red lips are versatile, you can pair bold lips with winged eyeliner and victory rolls for a vintage look, or rock a bold, modern look with smokey

How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes and how to clean them Makeup brushes are an essential part of every woman’s makeup brushes kit. It is believed that no one cleans them as much as they need to. Some women don’t wash them at all and some clean them very rarely. A question often asked is that

Beauty Trends 2016-What to Try at Festivals This Summer

Beauty Trends 2016 This summer’s festival season is upon us, and aside from the incredible live music and partying in the sun (or rain!) with friends, it also provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with daring fashion and make-up styles we might not be able to brandish at work or in