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How to style a Mohair-blend sweater

How to style a Mohair-blend sweater

Sweaters are specifically warming and cozy garments of the wardrobe. From the earliest times, they have been made from the finest wool to keep the one wearing it warm. The heavier they were, the warmer they were considered to be. Sweaters became regular part of the clothing for people who

Lanvin.. One of the Oldest Fashion Houses in Europe

Lanvin Homage

Lanvin.. one of the oldest fashion houses in Europe Lanvin Paris is one of the oldest fashion houses in Europe—and perhaps even in the world. Having reached 127 years of fashion, it’s a wonder that the founder, Jeanne Lanvin, is so unknown. To herald 1867, Jeanne was born on the 1 January,

Show Report: Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week The City of Light, home of couture fashion and arguably home to the world's greatest Paris fashion week. Balenciaga, McQueen, Hermes, Celine, Chloe, Valentino, Chanel, Louis Vuitton.... all in one city for the finale of the season – it's fashion nirvana and the epitome of high end. For LV,