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How to style Roy corduroy trousers

How to Style Roy corduroy trousers

Start with these corduroy trousers... Soft but structured, these Roy corduroy trousers have a drawstring waist that cinches in your waist and gives you a coveted hourglass figure. Thanks to the clever vertical stripes that are part of the fabric's texture, your legs will look long and lean. 24775

How to Style Mexi Wool Trousers

How to Style Mexi Wool Trousers

The basis of a stunning outfit that creates a sense of sophistication and authority for the modern businesswoman often begins with the trousers. These Mexi wool trousers from Isabel Marant ooze office chic with a feminine twist on classic tailoring. Cut from 100% virgin wool the checkered pattern is subtle

How to style a Basile top

How to Style the Basile Top

How to wear the Basile top If you love the Basile top, but don’t know how you’d wear it—look no further. This top makes the ideal focal point for a striking office party or Christmas event outfit. It’s the perfect choice for businesswomen who love the latest fashion trends and want