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Art Inspired Fashion that you will adore

Art Inspired Fashion Fashion is about making a statement, and the best kind of fashion statements are the ones that come out of the blue. Fashion moves so quickly that it's easy for some designs to start blending together. We're always on the lookout for something striking, so when we came

Alexander Wang..The future of Fashion

Alexander Wang ..21st century's Fashion Superhero At a mere 32-years-old, Alexander Wang may seem an unlikely candidate for a homage. On the contrary, Wang has been dubbed the “21st century’s fashion superhero” and is arguably the future of fashion. Born in 1983 in San Fran, Wang’s Taiwanese parents had built a small

Lanvin.. One of the Oldest Fashion Houses in Europe

Lanvin Homage

Lanvin.. one of the oldest fashion houses in Europe Lanvin Paris is one of the oldest fashion houses in Europe—and perhaps even in the world. Having reached 127 years of fashion, it’s a wonder that the founder, Jeanne Lanvin, is so unknown. To herald 1867, Jeanne was born on the 1 January,