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How to style a printed silk-blend jersey dress?

How to style a printed silk-blend jersey dress - For the modern businesswoman

A dress is one fashion garment that gives you a whole and completed outfit. It has a certain and specific beauty that lacks in other fashion garments. Putting a dress on speaks of individuals love towards fashion and sense of style. The dress itself is an elegant piece that comes

How to style a cotton trench coat

How to style a cotton trench coat - for the modern businesswoman

The Burberry Cotton Trench Coat is one of our favourite items at the moment, simply because it looks great and is extremely versatile. Being a businesswoman means dressing for a number of different occasions, sometimes all in one day, and this type of clothing is ideal for that.24842

How to style a cotton-blend tweed jacket

How to style a cotton tweed jacket - for the modern businesswoman

The jacket This gorgeous belted jacket from Carolina Herrera is a prime example of impeccable taste showcasing the wearer as someone with their finger on the style pulse. Finished in a cotton blend this Italian inspired red, cream and black tweed jacket is perfectly contrasted by the skinny black belt detailing

How to Style Mexi Wool Trousers

How to Style Mexi Wool Trousers

The basis of a stunning outfit that creates a sense of sophistication and authority for the modern businesswoman often begins with the trousers. These Mexi wool trousers from Isabel Marant ooze office chic with a feminine twist on classic tailoring. Cut from 100% virgin wool the checkered pattern is subtle

How to style a velvet blazer

How to Style a velvet blazer

In recent runway collections, we’ve seen velvet make a big comeback. Though it was once a fabric associated with styles of the past, velvet has reemerged and it’s proving to be popular among both designer brands and high street stores. There are a tonne of fantastic ways to wear velvet,

How to style a Plaid Blazer

How to style a Plaid Blazer

Wearing a blazer provides an elegant and classic look that every businesswoman can easily achieve. Blazer and pants are combination that has both business and formal look and represents serious attitude. Blazers are suitable for almost all seasons during the year. Depending on the fabric they are made of, the


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