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Art Inspired Fashion that you will adore

Art Inspired Fashion Fashion is about making a statement, and the best kind of fashion statements are the ones that come out of the blue. Fashion moves so quickly that it's easy for some designs to start blending together. We're always on the lookout for something striking, so when we came

Choker Top..six ways to wear Hollywood’s New It-Shirt

Choker top Our 90s favourite—the choker top —rapidly returned to “on trend” during the last few years. But in 2016, the choker has reached new heights with the choker top. This trend has quickly taken Hollywood by storm! A big favourite with celebs, the choker top is an easy way to

Cropped Jeans, the biggest trend of 2016

Cropped Jeans Every year, our much-loved best friend Denim provides new opportunities for style success. With something as simple as a new pair of  cropped jeans, we can switch our wardrobes to “on-trend” and instantly freshen up our outfit choices.This year, denim’s big surprise for our wardrobes is the cropped jeans flare.