Jeremy Millar: ‘Notes on Gesture- I, II, III’ at the Siobhan Dance Studios

From: 26-02-2016     To: 27-11-2016


Notes on Gesture is an exhibition by artist Jeremy Millar considering the status of a gesture, as something either made or performed. It comprises of performance, film, photography & spoken word.

‘This work continues my long-standing fascination with Chris Marker’s 1963 masterpiece, La Jetée. In previous works I have considered the many gestures within the film, frozen within its still images, and this is my interest here, too.’ Jeremy Millar. 

Developed with students from the Royal College of Art’s Critical Writing in Art and Design, and Curating Contemporary Art MA programmes, the exhibition will unfold throughout the year with emphasis placed not on individual artworks but the relationships and interconnected gestures between them. The exhibition also comprises of archival materials from collections such as the V&A and the Warburg Institute. Drawing upon the art historian Aby Warburg’s idea of the recurrence of certain gestures in different times and different places, some works will be included in more than one of the exhibitions. These shifting, recurring displays will create new combinations throughout the year, with works made familiar and unfamiliar in turn. This exhibition season has emerged from the development of the new work by Siobhan Davies Dance to be presented from late 2016.

Running from 26 Feb- 27 Nov 2016.