Editorial, July 2016

July, what an interesting month this is! We’ll make a journey to Dolce & Gabbana‘s history of fashion and their contribution in clothes ,jewelery and signature pieces. They have made amazing creations and we’re waiting to see what’s next! Also we’ll take a deep look in  ever lasting love for denim  jeans and their biggest trend for 2016, cropped jeans and how to wear them  stylishly.

Summer is here and the all time classic polo shirts are taking a makeover ..Let’s have a look on what the designers have prepared for us, we just can’t get enough!

Do you know how to wear a  choker top? The Hollywood’s new t-shirt? Well, let us show you how..!

Of course, Jinnie Femme fashion magazine is also about beauty .It’s time to  know more about how to protect our skin by using the correct moisturisers; during the summer, we need to be careful and protect our delicate skin as much as possible. Similar protection needs to be applied on the spots, there are treatments that actually work! And while we’re talking about beauty, we can have a look on oily skins and what’t the best foundation for this type of skin.

The editor’s pick for the month of July is Valentino .Unique pieces that are made for fierce women that make bold choices , yet classic and timeless.

Our fashion mobile app will be released this month; stay up to date (and always in fashion) everywhere!

Many more amazing articles are following in July!

Stay tuned to Jinnie Femme!