Editorial, November 2016

My beauties, we’re on November, and yes, we love November because it’s our searching month, finding out gifts for Christmas! Of course we prepared our own Christmas gift guide! Check it out and let us know what you think! But Christmas is not only gifts, it’s also parties. And we need to stay in trend! Don’t worry; we’re giving you all necessary party season trends!

November also means that winter is near by; don’t want to say that winter is coming (grin). So, we will give you our favorite wrap-up styles for this winter! And not only, you can find with us the best beauty trends sets also! Check it out!

And yes, it’s time to have a look at the upcoming favorite styles for the following Spring/Summer 2017.

Did you know that H&M teamed up with Kenzo? This is the latest high fashion collaboration and they are prepared an amazing 2017 collection!

Finally, don’t miss our Eco fashion week, the world’s largest sustainable fashion event, taking place in Seattle!

Of course this is just a glimpse on what’s coming this November.

Stay tuned to Jinnie Femme!