Editorial, December 2016

December is here and we’re preparing to say goodbye to 2016. So, it’s time to look back and review our favorite fashion styles from 2016 but also the top 5 beauty trends we will be happy to leave in 2016!

Of course, we never forget that December is not only looking back, but also looking forward, how we can prepare for New Years Eve. Stay with us and have a look for our perfect party styles for New Years Eve and for the festive makeup trends to try this party season!

During the Christmas, is a good opportunity to catch up with friends; have a look on our favourite fashion films to watch this Christmas, it can give you some ideas!

Don’t miss to check also the British fashion awards winners 2016 article we have prepared for you. I’m sure that you will be surprise with the results!

Of course this is just a glimpse on what’s coming this December.

Stay tuned to Jinnie Femme!