Editorial, January 2017

Happy new year my fashion beauties! Here in Jinnie Femme, we wish you the very best for an amazing, fashionable and luxurious 2017! Because, every woman deserves luxury!

Since we’re on the new year, first of all, we need to check our sign of the zodiac. Because we need to know our sign in order to find out which style your Zodiac sign should be shopping!

What do you know about ethical fashion and how is it changing the industry for the better? Let’s find it out!

New year is not only about new year but also about reviewing the last year too. So, this month, we will analyze (through our own unique view) the Peoples Choice Awards, the Golden Globes and the Critics Choice Movie Awards. You can’t miss it!

Of course, we go beyond the typical review and we’re analyzing our favorite makeup trends from the Critics Choice Movie Awards!

Looking forward to a fashionable 2017, we’ll check on how to stick to your new style in 2017 and how to transform your style in 2017 and the 10 color trends fashion retail for this season.

Winter is going to leave us in a couple of months, so we need to prepare for the upcoming Spring. So, it’s a good time to check the major style re-boot for your favorite work style staple for Spring!

But it’s not only about New Year, Winter or Spring. This month, we are giving you the Art of Color from Dior.

Of course this is just a glimpse on what’s coming this January.

Stay tuned to Jinnie Femme!