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Jinnie Femme is Europe’s top luxury fashion and lifestyle site for businesswomen in fashion.At Jinnie Femme, we provide a unique approach to fashion, culture, lifestyle, and beauty for the modern businesswoman in fashion. We understand the busy life of the modern woman, so we’ve brought everything you need to stay in fashion

Editorial, June 2017

Summer is here my fashion beauties! Are you ready?This month, we have a look on the best dressed at the Cannes Film Festival and the hottest red carpets trends at MTV Movie Awards. Also, you can find how you can create a Tony Awards Style and Alexa Chung's launch of hers very own

Editorial, March 2017

Spring has arrived my fashion beauties! Time to show why every woman deserves luxury!So, vintage accessories are back, we've picked up our favourite ones. Also, we have prepared a list with all essentials that you should have in your makeup bag, just for the Spring time!We're introducing our new beauty series, starting with aloe

Editorial, January 2017

Happy new year my fashion beauties! Here in Jinnie Femme, we wish you the very best for an amazing, fashionable and luxurious 2017! Because, every woman deserves luxury!Since we're on the new year, first of all, we need to check our sign of the zodiac. Because we need to know our

Editorial, December 2016

December is here and we're preparing to say goodbye to 2016. So, it's time to look back and review our favorite fashion styles from 2016 but also the top 5 beauty trends we will be happy to leave in 2016!Of course, we never forget that December is not only looking back, but also looking

Editorial, November 2016

My beauties, we're on November, and yes, we love November because it's our searching month, finding out gifts for Christmas! Of course we prepared our own Christmas gift guide! Check it out and let us know what you think! But Christmas is not only gifts, it's also parties. And we

Editorial, October 2016

October is here with the Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week reports. We are so excited for both!Louis Vuitton's introducing his first perfume in 70 years! We've been waiting for long time and now we have not one but seven (very chic) scents!Barbara Cartlidge and Electrum Gallery are giving us an amazing exhibition

Editorial, July 2016

July, what an interesting month this is! We’ll make a journey to Dolce & Gabbana's history of fashion and their contribution in clothes ,jewelery and signature pieces. They have made amazing creations and we’re waiting to see what’s next! Also we’ll take a deep look in  ever lasting love for denim


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