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Five great gifts for office colleagues

As a businesswoman, finding the right gift can be a challenging thing, no matter if you are gifting a man or a woman colleague. Here in Jinnie Femme, we found 5 gifts suitable for both genders and will make you coworkers extra happy.

How to care for your new designer silk dress

Silk is one of the most beautiful natural fibres available. Used for thousands of years to adorn royalty and nobility across the world, silk is elegant and exclusive. When you’re a businesswoman and you invest in a stunning designer silk dress, your first thoughts naturally are how to care for it.

Three things every businesswoman should have hidden in their desks

Every businesswoman is constantly on the move, on meetings, grasping for more and proving herself to the world. Some days can involve long meetings, some might continue to business dinner or drinks, and sometimes the situation asks for fast reaction and not going home. To always be on top of things and ready for business situations, there are some things that every smart businesswoman keeps on her work desk.

Five work wardrobe staples every businesswoman should own

The modern-day businesswoman is a smart, powerful, confident woman who appreciates fashion and adds it to her list of qualities. No matter what your job description is, every businesswoman who wants to make an impression needs to have certain clothing pieces in her closet, essential for a strong business impact. Having said that, if you are one of these modern businesswomen in the world, you must have 5 workpieces to make the difference.