Who is Simran Bhogal?

Simran currently works in the wonderful world of marketing. She started out in publishing and soon moved into marketing, where she has developed her expertise in print-based and digital marketing.

A keen fashion enthusiast, Simran has been writing about fashion, beauty and life and style for around 10 years (ever since her days as an English student).

We enjoyed our discussion with Simran, in which we focused on the following about her:

Why are you so interested in fashion?

The thing that I love the most about fashion is that it gives you the freedom to be who you want to be. Through fashion, everyone has the chance to create their own unique style and express their personality with the world in a fun way. To me, that is pretty special.

My clothes and accessories have always helped me to feel happy, confident and powerful – especially at times when I need that extra boost (like job interviews!).

What makes your personal style stand out from others?

Quirky and chic is how I would describe my personal style. I embrace bold colours and prints, which are important features of my casual and work clothing. I am usually very easy to spot amongst the sea of black and grey outfits in the morning commute, dressed in an orange textured or leopard faux fur coat!

Makeup is another obsession of mine, and bold lipsticks are part of my signature look. They are also my secret weapon at work – I usually turn to a red or pink lipstick for important meetings, as these shades help me to feel confident.

Can you describe what your typical work wardrobe looks like?

I am quite lucky as most of my jobs have had a casual dress code or a relaxed approach to business wear. I generally like to find a middle ground, where I look smart and presentable but can inject my personality into how I look.

One of my favourite outfits for work is a leopard print pencil skirt with a white blouse that has a crochet collar and a black or red cardigan. Some of my other staple outfits include an orange textured skater skirt with a knitted black jumper and a chunky necklace, a black and white polka dot dress with a long fuchsia pink cardigan, and black skinny trousers with a floral shirt and chunky cardigan. On a more casual day, I wear anything from dogtooth patterned leggings with a smart cream blouse and a bright yellow jumper to jeans, a printed t-shirt and metallic converse.

Have you got any advice for aspiring fashionistas experimenting with their style?

Do not be afraid of colour or prints! I think a lot of working women are a little apprehensive about wearing anything bright or patterned as they do not think it is classed as formal work attire. But there are so many easy ways you can add a bit of colour to your professional wardrobe. Start with small changes, like by introducing a pop of colour to your outfits every day – this could be through a coloured or printed blouse, cardigan, dress, skirt, blazer or even shoes. Like me, you could even throw in a bright lipstick, bag, or shoes to complete your look.

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