Who is Anna Mae?

Anna is one of the newer writers here at Jinnie Femme but has a passion for designer clothing and loves taking her clothing passion to the office. She has a love of technology and likes to keep on top of the latest apps especially when they can make her work and home life balance easier to juggle. A keen vegan Anna enjoys experimenting with recipes and cooking. Anna has been a writer for over 12 years and is always thrilled to get assignments that combine her love of fashion with her passion for words.

When we first met Anna, we had a beautiful chat, getting the chance to know her better. Here are the most interesting parts:

What is Important About Women in the Office?

I believe that making a statement in the boardroom is an integral part of office life. At home, I can write in loungewear, and no one will ever know, but when it comes to stepping into the office grooming is vital. Grooming shows a commitment to your role as it proves you have taken the time to get ready in the morning. It places emphasis on the importance of self-care, so I like to head into the office in a variety of stunning combinations. When you write about fashion, it is also crucial that you demonstrate your understanding of clothing. How I pair my outfits on the page crosses over to how I present myself in the office. I love the flexibility of home working meets office life, after all getting glammed up to work from home does seem a little excessive, so, on office days I relish the chance to look the part.

What Are Your Favourite Colour Combinations?

Wow, where do I start! I think that black and red are my favourite colours as these have power dressing undertones. However, I love adding gold and silver to my outfits. In the summer I think a more feminine softer shade plays a part and in winter I simply adore tailored cashmere and checked prints. I have to confess to being a bit of a heels fan and have a massive collection of both boots and shoes that turn heads. Walking in heels is an art, and something I am pleased I mastered years ago - I can even run for the train if needs are!

Tell Us More About Your Work

My origins have been in customer services, and I spent seven years as a customer services manager for a local authority. In such a customer facing role, it is highly evident that you are immediately judged on how you dress. When I was needed by a member of my team to take over with a client, I would always take the time to pop my jacket back on. The first 10 seconds of interaction is all it takes for people to form opinions about you. Presenting a smart first image gives people confidence that you have control over the situation and are going to be able to provide the help they are looking for in that environment. No matter what business you are in, the principle is the same. If I am meeting a client onsite, or even in a coffee shop, I always take care to dress as the capable businesswoman I am, as this instils a great image with your clients.

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