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Jinnie Femme is Europe’s top luxury fashion and lifestyle site for businesswomen in fashion.

Jinnie FemmeAt Jinnie Femme, we provide a unique approach to fashion, culture, lifestyle, and beauty for the modern businesswoman in fashion. We understand the busy life of the modern woman, so we’ve brought everything you need to stay in fashion all in one place—from styling tips to inspiration, top products to tailored advice.

We take the hours of hard work out of luxury and high fashion shopping for you. Instead of traipsing around endless shops, reading countless fashion magazines, or keeping your eye on the catwalk, we do all of this for you. To save you time, we showcase the latest trends, what’s hot on the runways, and what’s new in the world of fashion so you can spend your time on what’s important.

Don’t know what to wear to work? As a businesswoman, your clothing needs to be practical, comfortable, and professional, but you also want to feel stylish, unique, and fashionable. We’ll show you how to put stunning outfits together for the office, meeting, or weekend. Whether you want to look serious or elegant, contemporary or on-trend, we’ll help you find clothes that flatter and wear-to-work dresses that will impress.

Need inspiration on dresses for work, casual business clothes, or professional attire for businesswomen? We offer tailored fashion advice for the modern businesswoman. We’ll show you how to look professional and fashionable without paying for a personal stylist, and we offer clothing recommendations and styling guidelines perfect for businesswomen in fashion.

To make it easier, you can even shop for luxury, high-end products directly from the site—from clothing to bags, accessories to shoes, and beauty products.

In addition, we offer beauty and lifestyle tips, helping you maintain work-life balance as a businesswoman, and stay happy and healthy.

We also bring you the inspirational stories of women who influenced the world in art, fashion, and literature, including fashion designers who have changed the world—from Milan to New York, London to Paris.

We created this site because we believe that every woman deserves luxury, and we want to help them find it. Now we welcome you to join our exclusive network where you’ll find everything you need as a businesswoman in fashion.

Jinnie Femme
Because every woman deserves luxury