Lip gloss Vs. lipstick: which lasts longer?

Lip gloss Vs. lipstick: which lasts longer? - for the businesswoman

One of the most bought and popular makeup product in the world is the lipstick. Since the earliest times, women have always worn the lipstick. The lipstick brings out the freshness and instantly beautifies the face. The red lipstick is one of the most known and the entire lipstick history revolves about that color. As the makeup industry developed and changed, so did the colors, textures, and types of lipsticks. Today, there is absolutely everything for everyone. From balms, matter or shiny lipsticks, to lip-glosses, crayons and many more, women have a lot to choose from. The biggest dilemma for a businesswoman when buying this kind of product was and has remained the same: what is better and what lasts longer, lip gloss or lipstick?

Lip gloss Vs. lipstick: which lasts longer for the businesswoman?

Lip Gloss

The lip gloss has an entirely different texture than the lipstick. The main purpose of the lip gloss, as its name suggests, is to provide gloss and shine on the lips. To do so, the texture of the gloss is more liquid and usually, the lip glosses come in packaging with a tube and soft spongey brush. The brush makes the application of the gloss even and easy, and there is no other way to apply it. The lip- glosses are known to have both lighter and bolder colors, which is due to the pigmentation ingredients. They can come with infused shimmering particles that will make your lips catchy from even afar. Lip-gloss is a frequent choice for women who have dry lips because it makes them feel moisturized all the time. Depending on the quality of the lip-gloss, some are long-lasting, but keep in mind that the gloss will fade and after some time you will need to re-apply it. 


Lipstick has a denser texture than the lip-gloss, which is visible on the first look. The lipstick is creamier than the gloss, and its package is usually a roll out tube that is practical in the hand. From that tube, the lipstick is directly applied to the lips. However, the new makeup tricks suggest that the use of suitable lipstick brush is much better for the appropriate and precise application. But, for everyday women, the old-fashion way is just fine. The lipsticks are more pigmented and colored product that brings unique freshness to the face. Also, the color options and a palette of the lipsticks are much wider and varied than those of the lip-glosses. From matte, moisturizing to a satin finish, lipsticks come in different categories with different lasting periods. The especially popular lately is the matte lipsticks who have extremely long-lasting pigments. 

So, having stated all above, the lipstick has a little advantage towards the lip-gloss concerning the longevity. But, as the makeup industry constantly improves and develops, there are new types and formulas of both products entering the market so it is very possible that the lip-glosses will become the most durable and long-lasting ones. 

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