Why hair clips are making a come-back in 2019

Why hair clips are making a come-back in 2019 - for the businesswoman

One of the most popular hair trends from the ‘90s that has made an unexpected comeback on the fashion scene is the hair clips. No one predicted that the big, plastic and retro hair clips would become inevitable part women’s daily hair looks. However, this trend was accepted with a great approval rate and there is literally no one that has not tried it so far. Could this be the new trend for the businesswoman too?

The hairclips and claws are making an appearance absolutely everywhere. Every department of the fashion industry including the high fashion, fast fashion, street style is experiencing the dominance of these hair accessories. Its main purpose of keeping the hair out of the face remains untacked, but this year’s trend focuses more on how they really look. This means that the beauty of the hair clips itself is put on display. Wearing a hair clip this year is a must. You only need to find the right way to make them look chic and fashionable rather than girlish and childish.

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