Victoria Hayes Ready to Wear Fall 2019

Victoria Hayes Ready to Wear Fall 2019

From the moment she debuted back in 2016, Victoria Hayes has shown beautiful and eye-catching collections. With every new line, each of her pieces is eye-grabbing, inspiring and gorgeous. With the unique approach to different fabrics and color choices, Hayes manages to bring each garment to life. Each of her designs shows the strong feminine string that has been appreciated by many celebrities like Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Alicia Keys as her regular customers.

For the new Ready to wear fall 2019 line, Hayes has divided her collection into several distinctive parts. The main theme and inspiration behind the collection were exploring your identity, being rebellious and the meaning of being a teenager. It goes all the way back when she was a teenager, inspired by the music interests and sinful deeds that the high-school student commit. The collection predominates with vampy tones and asymmetrical designs as a mature side of the rebellion. The accessories come as bold and dramatic earrings highlighted hats for the modern woman. Metallics have a special place in the collection. They come on a pantsuit with abstract print. The same print is transferred on a tight long dress with wide sleeves. Another form of metallic is seen on a matte gold shirt and skirt, while more eccentric is the high shiny golden short dress with long wrap around the waist.

Black is also very dominant on several pieces, both in the version of monochromatic looks and refined looks where the color gives definition and texture of the garment. White comes as a pure contrast with crisp clean shirts, baggy pants with pockets, bell skirts and white pointed toe heeled boots. The only pop of color is the choice of vibrant and explosive red. The color of empowerment created signature pieces with lots of details like hand-painted prints, colorful silk, and ornate embellishments. The looks were both beautiful and aggressive, especially the long shiny lacquer coat with black laced details. It came with matching wide-leg pants. Red was seen as a footwear choice on the monochromatic looks.  The textures and fabrics vary from velvet, leather, vinyl silk wool, all creating luxurious feel. The tailoring is kept feminine though there are some masculine details like large shoulders.

The designs and the collection is eye-catching and interesting, vibrant and grabs the attention of the viewer very quickly.