Alberta Ferreti Ready to Wear 2019

Alberta Ferreti Ready to Wear 2019 - For the modern businesswoman

Alberta Ferreti has come out of her comfort zone as many fashion critics say. Her designs for the new Fall line suggest her new intention and desire to dress media stars and younger audience. From her first row visitors like the influencers Olivia Palermo and Chiara Ferragni, it was more than obvious that as the women are changing, the fashion should be changing too.

Ferreti has always designed pieces and collections that give women evening options. Now, with her great Hollywood presence and appreciations, she has turned to creating designs and garments for every day and every aspect of one woman’s life, especially referring to her personal style. So, the new line offered a lot of daywear options. The first look to open the show was all winter-white head-to-toe outfit. It consisted of leather wide-leg pants, sports jacket, voluminous mohair coat, suede cowboy boots, and wide-brimmed hats. With a combining inspiration from the ‘80s, ‘90s and Western style, the new collection comes in a completely new look from what we are used to seeing from Ferreti. The oversized style, patchwork leather jackets, geometric-patterned knits from the Southwest were just some of the news seen on the runway.

The new entries were the military looks – jackets with braided fringe epaulets. The feminine, vintage and romantic looks came on the blouses with romantic knits, overalls, and jumpsuits. The pants were also an important part of the collection. Coming as a signature item, they were high-waisted, folded over, pleated, leather patch-worked and many more. The evening wear, the designers’ forte, featured a number of long and wonderful gowns. They were mainly metallic and black. Some came with long sleeves, some with off-shoulder, but all displayed the retro vibe from the past. Ruffles were an unavoidable part of the collection, giving an accent on one of the current trends. Gold and sequins accompanied the collection into some red carpet looks that were exquisite.

It is safe to say that with her new line, Ferreti left the crowd in awe, displaying the new youngish and modern vibe of the next generation of celebrity and Hollywood influencers.  Her intention to offer something new was well accepted by the audience, though the idea of what the brand stands for and its personal style was kind of lost with this new looks.