Hermès Ready to Wear Fall 2019

Hermes Ready to Wear Fall 2019

Bourgeois has been a theme for this fall season for many fashion houses. Their new lines and collections were designed to present the modern class in a new light. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski decided to continue in the direction of showing the Hermès brand as the top haute leather goods company. Keeping the long-term brands’ philosophy high up, the new collection pointed even stronger dominance that the brand will remain clear of trends that constantly come up in fashion.

The new collection is best described as a mixture of the well-known house codes with subtle rebellious touches. The attitude was chic, with the balanced and discreet dose of sexiness at times. This was seen in the high-waisted shorts with a new cool edge. Some of them came roomy, some very tight and sexy. Different fabrics made them unique and beautiful. Leather, as a brands’ signature symbol, was present as an edge of the wool coats and riding jackets where zippers came as a modern addition. On one look with a green coat, the leather appeared on the belt and on the patched pockets. The collection was made to last, never becoming old-fashioned. It was seen through the simple textured looks, pencil skirts with a knee length and T-shirts with long sleeves.

The opening look was a black suede skirt with white stitching. The contrast between the black and white was accompanied by studs in different shapes and sizes making the piece even more dominant. The scarf print came on the silk blouses, refreshed with the popular Hermes orange tone. The same shade was seen on the lining of ivory cocoon coat in double-face cashmere. The color palette ranged between classic light and dark. The light colors included white, beige, nude, while the dark ones were mainly brown and black. With lighter and darker versions of them, there was a pop of yellow on a shirt having the famous Hermes logo in orange, one half-turtle neck ribbed sweater and one extraordinary dress with subtle ruffles.
The footwear was all suede over-the-knee heeled boots, perfectly incorporated with each look. The handbags that came as accessories were leathery, in the matching colors as the garments itself.

Hermes showed and proved, once again, what it means to be on the top of the fashion ladder, with incomparable style, direction and classic vision that has kept the brand undeniably popular and favorite among the high class.