How to style a printed silk-blend jersey dress?

How to style a printed silk-blend jersey dress - For the modern businesswoman

A dress is one fashion garment that gives you a whole and completed outfit. It has a certain and specific beauty that lacks in other fashion garments. Putting a dress on speaks of individuals love towards fashion and sense of style. The dress itself is an elegant piece that comes as a suitable clothing piece for many different occasions, and according to the formality of the event, it can be accessorized accordingly. The dresses that come in monochromatic versions leave space for more options when it comes to color coordination. The printed dresses, however, carry all that is necessary for styling in their prints. The variety of prints and its density defines the dress as a piece for the formal or informal occasion. The fabric is important too because it is the base upon which the prints come and define the final look the modern businesswoman is looking for.

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