Hermes Spring/Summer 2019 Paris Fashion Week

Hermes Spring/Summer 2019 Paris Fashion Week - Jinnie Femme - For the businesswoman in fashion

Picking a right venue for presenting a new collection is just as important as the collection itself. The ambiance, the surroundings, the interior and the exterior play a very significant part when it comes to the new lines and Fashion Weeks. Following the steps of Dior, Hermes decided to welcome the audience at Longchamp racecourse. The beauty in sharing a same venue is that it perfectly depicts the each of houses’ personal touch and style. Hermes created a high-class occasion, displaying the brand’s taste into perfection. As everything was into racecourse vibe, the audience was seated along the track, and the models were walking down the runway with the perfect evening sky as an addition to the whole appearance.

The creative director of the house Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski had a vision that the collection will be best presented at that precise spot, and she was not wrong. As everything looked pristine, the collection had partly equestrian partly regatta life vibe. The garments of the collection were modern. The sailor tops and dresses came in leather and matched the sand. Along came the jackets, tailored shorts, woven dresses in leather and suede and canvas tunics with pale yellow leather. As the collection was going into neutral tones, a splash of unexpected colors appeared in bright turquoise, red, orange.

What caught the eye was a turquoise parka, summer sailing coat in Hermes orange that had a wide sleeves and brown details that looked like rope, and raspberry jumpsuit. Some of the most interesting pieces came in the voluminous shapes like a cable knit tube top that was paired with a full skirt in a cognac leather color and had suspenders as an addition. Another great look was a tight sporty tank, looking like a swimsuit, paired with a woven leather skirt. As for the accessories, there was a lot of options on display. The bags were various: leather buckets, suede hobos and mini ones. The shoes were sporty gladiators – interesting and appropriate for the whole collection and the venue too. The mixture of the maritime and equine inspirations of the designer turned out to be a big color story and as she herself described, a game of reflections. As the world breaks into the decision of whether one to be a sailor or saddler, Hermes gave the fashion lovers the both. This ultimate brand again proved that they represent the well-lived life and the achievements of their best are the best fashion garments for their audience.