Chanel Spring/Summer 2019 Paris Fashion Week

Chanel - Summer 2019 Paris Fashion Week - Jinnie Femme - For the businesswoman in fashion

As one of the leaders of the high-end French Fashion Industry, the famous Chanel brand alongside Dior and Louis Vuitton, decided to that the best way to promote and present the newest Spring Summer 2019 collection – in its own country. So, without travelling abroad, Karl Lagerfeld managed to pull off another memorable and unique fashion show. To keep the connection of announcing the upcoming spring summer line, Lagerfeld designed a whole beach ambiance in the Paris Grand Palais. With all the passengers on board, the cruise collection just got literal meaning, and was ready to seal off – within France, of course. The runway that looked like a shoreline presented the models in the newest designs that mainly had the sentimentality of the ‘80s style – the time when Lagerfeld first began designing for the house.

All of his signature details were present – starting from tweed and sailor pants all the way up to pearls and Gabrielle Chanel’s camellias. All the pieces of the collection were characterized as suitable for sailing and wearing them while on boat. It was a collection that had a meaning, a character. The femininity of it was displayed through the shapes, rounded shoulders, cropped jackets, with a high accent on the 80s waist. As there was no point in walking the sandy runway in heels, the models were walking barefoot and holding their footwear in hands, alongside some super stylish handbags. The garments had volume, the jackets were boxy, miss matched with skirts and shorts. The dresses were numerous and each different form the other.

When it comes to the color palette, it was various and simple, yet the difference and range of colors made it perfectly compact. There were lots of intense and sparkling pastels, the unavoidable sandy neutrals in beige, and the classy black and white. Various choices for everyone’s taste. Another important detail was the presence of house’s logo, still trendy and fashionable this season too, presented on the accessories, mainly on the belts and purses. The total sum of all the look was 82 which gave the audience and the customers plenty of choices, well worth of their money.

At Chanel’s SS 2019 collection, life is most certainly beach!