From movie star to CEO – how Jessica Alba built her $1 billion empire

From movie star to CEO – how Jessica Alba built her $1 billion empire - for the professional businesswoman

If you are at least into the showbiz and movie industry, then you must be familiar with the name Jessica Alba. Best known for her work and roles into the Fantastic Four movies and Dark Angel TV series, this Globe-nominated actress has another title to add next to her name – a businesswoman. Her business started and was inspired by the events of the ordinary mom. After her first child, named Honor, was born, the new mom had difficulty in finding the appropriate products for her baby. She wanted products that were reputable, with high quality and non-toxic. Since the market at that time was in the lack of these, she chose to focus herself precisely on this and start her own business.

Driven by her ambition, passion and hard work, Alba created the Honest Company and launched it back in 2009 in Los Angeles. The first ideas about the new business were that it will focus only on the essentials that were much needed for the busy moms. What only looked like a start-up business soon grew into a huge company that offers a long list of products – from diapers and wipes to dish soaps and laundry detergent. Five years after the founding of the company, her business became a part of many families’ lifestyle and became more than successful. Just in 2013, the company’s revenues were estimated to be around $50 million. That was the moment when the team revealed that they will be hiring the 250th employee.

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