10 Work Lunch Ideas That are Tasty and Healthy

10 Work Lunch Ideas That are Tasty and Healthy - for the modern businesswoman

When you’re a modern businesswoman, eating at work can be difficult. You often find there is little time and you end up grabbing a sandwich or pasty and eating on the run.  However, if you want to keep a more healthy diet, this can be very unsatisfying and can get quite expensive. Here in Jinnie Femme, we will suggest you ten excellent work lunch ideas some you can prepare in advance and have to hand whenever you can spare the time.

10 work lunch ideas that are tasty and healthy – for the modern businesswoman

Pasta Salads

A quick and delicious snack that can be changed in many ways, offering you more than one day a week if you fancy. Just cook some pasta – wholewheat is healthier and add some chopped veggies, chicken or salad and a sauce.  Pesto, salad cream, mayo or balsamic vinegar all make excellent choices.

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