How to Pack Light for a Weekend Business Trip

How to Pack Light for a Weekend Business Trip - for the modern businesswoman

As a professional businesswoman, you probably take business trips away for conferences, training, or meetings. While these trips are often exciting and highly useful, it can be stressful knowing what to take with you. You want to pack light, but you’re not sure how many clothes to take and which ones. In this article, we’ll show you how to pack light for a business trip away.

The capsule wardrobe

Before you start, it’s helpful to understand the concept of the capsule wardrobe. In the 70s, a London boutique owner named Susie Faux developed the concept of having around 10-12 essential, timeless items that work together to form a “capsule wardrobe”.

We love clothes, so we’re not suggesting you use this concept year-round like Faux did. However, the capsule wardrobe concept is perfect for business trips or weekends away, when you don’t want to carry a heavy suitcase and tons of clothes, and you might be hopping from one place to the next.

Pack Light for a Business Trip – for the modern businesswoman

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