How to style a blazer dress stylishly as a coat?

How to style a blazer dress stylishly as a coat - for the modern businesswoman

The history of the coats and blazer dresses is long and famous. These fashion garments have always been fashionable and never go out of style. As the years pass by and the trends change, their style only modifies according to the current fashion influence and trends. Last years have seen significant rise of the coat and dress-coat sales and production. Maybe we owe it to Victoria Bechkam, who has worn this piece on almost every occasion and turned the accent on this garment as both luxurious day-and-night options. The newest and lighter version of the trench coats are the long blazer dresses. Spotted from afar, they look like luxurious trench, unique in terms of color and fabric. From closer look, the only difference is the fabric. As trenches tend to be made from heavier fabric, the blazer dresses are designed from lighter ones. Being casual and work appropriate garment, this dress-coat has style itself as a fashion piece. It can be worn as an outerwear, or, if you are true to the garment, then the dress coat can be the centerpiece of your outfit. For the modern businesswoman, depending on the fabric, the blazer dress can be worn both ways, depending on the occasion.

How can a businesswoman style a blazer dress

If you own at least one long blazer dress, and you are looking to pull off some different look, then there are few ways how you can style it. Depending on its fabric and shape, the most popular way of wearing it today is as an outerwear, as substitution to the trench. It can be worn only over the shoulders, fasten with the belt, or in any other way you like it. If worn as an outerwear, keep in mind that your outfit underneath it must be impeccable. If you are not planning on taking it off, then accessorize it with a trendy scarf or brooch, and depending on the weather, high heels or booths. The casual outings allow a sporty sneaker with the blazer dress and a messenger bag. If you are planning on keeping the blazer dress on-and-off at certain event, then you should choose one that will be effective and bold, as well as the whole outfit too. Our suggestion for stylish and fashionable coat replacement and fabulous look is the Blazé Milano Silk jacquard blazer dress.

The dress

For trendy and unconventional look, the Blazé Milano Silk jacquard blazer dress will give you new, fresh and luxurious look. Having this dress-coat whether it is for work or outings, will speak for your fashion sense and fabulous style. Made from polished black silk jacquard, the double breasting at the front will transform it into trench in seconds. The stone-effect buttons and the belt from same fabric will bring a new meaning to the elegance. An addition to this unique dress-coat is the flower print that goes over the whole dress.

The top

If planning on wearing the blazer dress unbuttoned, the Valentino Turtleneck sweater will perfectly accent the prints and the shimmery effect of the dress. This chic and luxe sweater will provide many options for different combinations. The ivory hue presents wonderful contrast to the black silk and goes nicely with the buttons. The design of the sweater itself is ribbed which makes it very comfortable for wearing.

The trousers

To keep the fresh new look, the Stouls Mick leather trousers are fresh addition to this trendy outfit. The burgundy hue matches the ivory one of the sweater, and the leather is very comfortable and looks luxe. They are soft, with mid-rise cut, appropriate for all seasons and occasions. The silk in the leather gives them a fabulous sheer.

The bag

The unordinary look needs some unordinary accessories. This means that if you do not want to over exaggerate with the accessories, this bold Olympia Le-Tan Tu Paieras De Ta Chair book clutch will do the work. The square piece purse shows a poster-style artwork, with glossy brass frame. The front of the purse is made from cotton, silk and wool. The fastening is clutch-like, in gold.

The shoes

To finish up on the bold note, let your shoes be the final touch of chic and colorful pieces. Gianvito Rossi Fur-lined brocade mules have an open toe and high heel. The high heel fit the trousers perfectly, while the open toe creates a fashionable opposition to the long blazer dress. The fur and the golden prints only add to the beauty of the mules.

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