How can a businesswoman style stretch-cotton trousers?

How can a businesswoman style stretch-cotton trousers?

It is usually said that the clothes define the person. It does not always have to be that way, but it certainly does not hurt to be dressed well. Especially when it comes to the workplace, the dress code for the modern businesswoman is another story. This means that if you manage to combine the garments well, you can pull off a killer look. The last decade has taught us that experimenting with the wardrobe is allowed at work. The brands are designing luxury pieces that are work appropriate, modern and trendy and nothing like the casual wear you are used to wearing. If you have enough creativity and dare to try something new, we have prepared a fancy look that includes styling of stretch-cotton trousers.

Are cotton trousers appropriate garment for the workplace?

The answer is yes. The cotton trousers are perfect option especially during the summer season. The cotton is very fine fabric and after the linen, the most suggested summer option. The cotton trousers are perfect balance between the heat on the outside and the cooled inside. The cotton is soft and depending on the brand you choose it might have a bit of shimmering dose. This will give the sporty look a vibe of elegance. The trendiness of the cotton trousers came directly from the social media – from the fashion bloggers to be exacts. As the most influential trendsetters, they have introduced the cotton trousers as part of your everyday fashion. Combined with all types of footwear, the cotton trousers are a perfect choice for the modern businesswomen as a regular or casual option.

How can a businesswoman style stretch-cotton trousers?

The trousers

For sporty yet semi-elegant look, the Brunello Cucinelli Stretch-cotton trousers will upgrade your work outfit to a whole new level. Made out of cozy and stretch cotton, these trousers will soon become your everyday choice. The light taupe hue offers lots of options for combining and pairing. Depending on your workplace, you can pair these trousers with staying in the neutral tones zone or adding some bolder colors. The chic style of these trousers will bring a dose of nonchalance to every garments you choose to pair them with, especially to the elegancy of the classic blazers. To add a contrast to the relaxed trousers, combine them with a silk shirt.

The blazer

Wearing a blazer to work gives smart and elegant impression and it should always be included in the modern businesswoman’s outfit. The cuts are various, but to complement the above mentioned garments, go for the Altuzarra West stretch-wool blazer. It looks like a classic jacket, but has a long silhouette that will make you look even more dashing. The pretty pink hue goes fabulously with the trousers and the shirt, keeping it all cooled down, yet a bit warm. The satin lapel offers elegant and luxurious touch to the outfit.

The shirt

No matter the length of the sleeves, a silk shirt is always a good idea and option wherever you go. It is even preferred choice for work. The silk shirt can easily be paired with skirts, pants, and jeans, depending on what you wish your final look to be. As fabrics, the cotton and the silk match well, so the Brunello Cucinelli Embellished cotton shirt should be your pair to the Brunello Cucinelli Stretch-cotton trousers. To avoid the total whiteness of the classic white shirt, this suggestion offers decorative details like sparkling embroidery. These details will bring sophistication to the look and go very well with the sporty trousers. The long sleeves can be wrapped up for more fashionable look.

The bag

Unless you are bringing folders and documents to work, then always choose a small bag. Smaller bags are better in the fashion sense as they are easy to accessorize with the clothing. For this neutral outfit, choose the Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather shoulder bag. This shoulder bag, made from leather, is practical and very popular choice. The pattern of woven leather is eye-catching, giving a perfect finish to the modern outfit.

The shoes

No look is complete without the right footwear. Finish the sporty-elegant outfit on high note. What the celebrities taught us is that you can wear stilettos with everything, so to add to the relaxed fit of the cotton trousers, our suggestion are the Gianvito Rossi Gianvito 105 silk-satin pumps. These dressy silk-satin heels in white will match everything marvelously. Suitable for both day and night, they will speak for your style and show that the brains go very well with fashion.

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