The 7 beauty treatments you can fit into your lunch hour

The 7 beauty treatments you can fit into your lunch hour - for the modern businesswoman

Do you ever feel that there are not enough hours in your life? You are not alone! Working full time and combining this with running a home and raising children can leave you frazzled and at the end of your rope; it’s never easy to be a modern businesswoman. It could be time to jump on the new self-care trend, which sees you combining your lunch break with some all-important self-care and beauty routines. Here are seven beauty treatments that you can fit into your lunch hour.

Seven beauty lunch-hour treatments for the businesswoman

The Pedicure

Expect to pay £30 to £40 but this half hour treatment is perfect for tired feet and aching legs. A chance to soak your feet, and have your toenails titivated while you enjoy the pampered feeling or fit in a quick latte and bagel.

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