How to style a linen blend zip-front cardigan

How to style a linen blend zip-front cardigan - styling businesswoman

The look of the modern businesswoman’s work outfit is changing and evolving as the trends change. The fashion is moving forward with leaving out the stereotypes of the classic pant suit and including more luxurious pieces. With so various fashion choices, the work attire of the businesswoman is taken to the next level – modern and stylish. No matter the department that you are working in, there are no obstacles to show your fashionable side and love towards the nice things. With the latest trends, many fashion influencers and bloggers suggest switching your blazer or jacket with a cardigan. Why? Well, the jackets and blazers are the safe choice and they became a bit boring. The cardigan will bring some fresh vibe into your outfit as long as you pair it right.

Why the cardigan is good workplace fashion choice for a businesswoman?

The cardigan is piece that changes the look of the whole outfit. This piece can be worn for both casual and semi-formal occasions, which means that it is perfect for work. Many businesswomen prefer the jackets or blazers over the cardigan, but it you want to bring something new to your work attire, then the cardigan should be your choice. There are lots of fabrics that the cardigan is made of, and color choices are endless. The most popular work option is the cardigan with front zipper. The cardigan itself keeps the dose of casualty, but the zipper adds to the seriousness of the look. Our choice for this trendy and luxurious piece is the Brunello Cucinelli Linen blend zip-front cardigan.

The cardigan

Brunello Cucinelli Linen blend zip-front cardigan is nice knitted garment, perfect as work attire for the modern businesswoman. It has short sleeves which makes it easy to pair it with long shirt, short shirt or sleeveless one underneath it. The zipped front adds to the more serious look and makes it work-appropriate. Made from linen, the cardigan is extremely cozy for wearing and does not itch or irritate the skin. The grey color makes it easy for combining with other parts of the clothes. For regular look, go with navy and black. If you wish to add some color, then pair it with beige tones, burgundy and even warm fuchsia. If you are planning on attending an after-work event or gathering, then go with a bolder option like including the metallic’s – shirt, pants, bag.

The top

For chic and bold look, pair the Brunello Cucinelli Linen blend zip-front cardigan with Brunello Cucinelli Silk-satin tank top. Being from the same brand, these two garments combine well because of the tones that have some sheer in them. The top is made of silk and satin and creates a perfect contrast to the linen cardigan. With a little bit of stretch in the fabric, this top is very comfortable for wearing. The grey color matches the cardigan’s grey. This is the most common choice of tailoring that should be worn under the blazers and cardigans.

The trousers

For whole metallic look, choose the Brunello Cucinelli Metallic leather trousers. Nothing like a classical pant, this athletic cut screams elegance. The metallic golden hue matches the top and the cardigan without over accenting. The elastic waist and the cargo pockets make them both casual and semi-formal wear. The length just above the ankle is trendy and allows many footwear choices, depending on the season.

The bag

To maintain the shimmery metallic outfit, the bag should also be in accordance to the whole parts of the garment. The metallic look is bold choice, but the cardigan itself tones down the whole grey look. To add a bit of color, The Row Ascot Small silk shoulder bag in rich burgundy hue is modern accessorize. This small bag is made of pure satin. It has a zipped compartment inside. The handles are very fancy because they are knotted at the top. This chic bag will make you stand out.

The shoes

Complete this look with Brunello Cucinelli leather loafers. The loafers are comfortable and appropriate for both work and outside of work occasions. For those looking something different that the heels, the leather loafers and luxurious replacement. They are elegant and serious, and add to the modern look of the shiny garments and linen cardigan. The polished black leather and the cut resemble Italian style. They are appropriate for everyday and the best choice for cropped trousers.

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