Self conscious about your curves? These celebrities show you how to rock it!

Self conscious about your curves? These celebrities show you how to rock it! - for the styling businesswoman

Here at Jinnie Femme, we love fashion and styling – but we don’t love the pressure put on women to be super skinny, pushed in magazines and on catwalks. While we’re starting to see curvier models on runways, there’s still far too much body shaming in the media, where celebrities are accused of being “fat” and when they lose weight, are accused of being “too thin”.

There’s a lot of emphasis on women to look a certain way, but we believe that each woman knows her own body and what is healthy for her. Your healthy weight and size depends on your height, body shape, build, and frame – and some women are naturally curvier than others. Not every woman should be the same weight or size, regardless of what the media suggests.

The important thing is that you’re honest with yourself about your body and health, that you look after your health by eating well and doing some exercise, and that you learn to be happy with what you look like. If you’re self-conscious of your curves, these celebrities show you how to rock it by dressing to suit your body shape and figure.

Let’s see some celebrities’ styling

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