The Best Morning Smoothie Recipes To Energize Your Day

The best morning smoothie recipes to energize your day - for the modern businesswoman

Smoothies are a great way for the modern businesswoman to start her day. They are quick to throw together when the time is paramount, and the fact that all the ingredients have been blitzed together means your body does less work processed the nutrients. In turn, you get an instant hit of energy and when packed full of the right stuff this fantastic energy burst will last until lunch meaning you won’t be tempted to snack mid-morning. You can even incorporate most if not all of your five a day meaning you can nourish your body and embrace health in 2018. Here are some excellent morning smoothie recipes to get you going. To make these smoothies you will need a blender, but these do not need to be expensive. Those specially designed for smoothies come with cups that mean you save on washing up and fuss.

Three smoothies for a businesswoman to start her day

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