White Noise – The Key To Improving Your Concentration At Work?

White Noise – The Key To Improving Your Concentration At Work? - for the modern businesswoman

Colleagues gossiping about their weekend plans, whirring printers and never-ending phone calls. These are the unmistakable sounds of the modern office preventing a businesswoman from focusing on her tasks and todo’s.

Every workplace comes with its own quirks, but when you have a growing list of tasks that you need get done a noisy office can seriously affect your productivity and ability to concentrate. If (like me) you sometimes struggle to tune out background noise, the good news is there could be a simple solution to helping you keep focused: white noise.

What is white noise?

White noise is a variety of sounds that are played on different frequencies. The idea behind this is that these sounds can help to block out background sounds that can be distracting.

Can white noise really help a businesswoman?

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