How to style an embellished cashmere sweater

How to Style an embellished cashmere sweater - for the modern businesswoman

The holidays are over, but the winter is still going strong. In fact, the coldest months of the year are coming up, but it does not mean that your style has to suffer. Being chic in the winter is one of the greatest fashion moves that define the classy and stylish businesswoman. In order to achieve that, you need to find the perfect winter garment that will make you step out of the dark-colored-crowed. The dark colors associate many people for winter, but that is really not the case. Those with a good taste will find the need for color in colder days important and infuse it in their wardrobe. As we entered 2018 and we already know what the color of the year will be, as announced by Pantone, let your next winter outfit be precisely in one of the shades and variations of that bold hue.

The most trending winter garment now

According to the social media and bloggers, the most popular winter garment now is the sweater. And not just any sweater, but the embellished one! As the faux pearls dominated last year on almost everything, this winter, everyone is focusing on the embellished sweater. It has taken up the fashion world because of its beauty and fancy look. The embellishments on the sweater are the accessory you need to brighten up your winter look and nothing additional is required. It is a classy and interesting garment, different from the dull, regular sweaters. It is both elegant and casual wear, depending on the occasion. One-of-a-kind fancy sweater suggestion is Dolce & Gabbana embellished cashmere sweater.

How can a businesswoman wear an embellished cashmere sweater?

It is not hard to style the embellished cashmere sweater. The embellishments are bold accessories that add to the look of the garment. Different than prints and motifs, the embellishments are more centralized on the clothing, rather than spread all over it. They leave space for the sweater to show its beauty and meanwhile allow you to leave the accessories at home. The cashmere embellished sweater can be worn with pants, trousers, jeans and skirts. If it is longer in length, than leggings are very popular trend now. For more formal occasion, pair the sweater with more classic cut of black or navy pants. The cashmere is one luxe fabric which makes the sweater luxe too. The casual option is always the jeans. When it comes to skirts, best fashion choice would be a skirt with A-line cut.

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