How can a businesswoman style a Cotton trench coat

How to style a cotton trench coat

The famous trench coat is one of the most iconic clothing pieces that tell history, fashion and style. From all the parts of the world, the trench has been known as the reliable and functional garment. Since its appearance, around 100 years ago, until today, the trench has survived many different fashion trends. As the times changed, the trench changed too. The length, the cut, the fabric were influenced by the current fashion flow at the time, but one remained certain – the main model and look never changed. The classic trench coat somehow became a mark of an upper class, aristocracy and elegancy. If you ever wondered what will be the most valuable and long-lasting investment you can make, as a businesswoman, in terms of clothing, then consider your question answered. It is the trench!

Why is trench a great choice?

From celebrities, music and movie star to royals – this timeless piece is something that everyone own. Depending on the fabric it is made of, the choices of the trench are adapted to the seasons. It is enough to have a trench in one color, but if you can afford it, then go for few different ones. The trench goes on absolutely everything – from pants, jeans and skirts, all the way to sports equipment. The newest fashion trends show that many celebrities are wearing the trench over their leggings with sneakers. So, with the trench, everything is allowed.

How can a businesswoman wear a cotton trench coat?

As the popularity of the trench coat grows with every single day, many designers and brands decided to include this coat into their regular lines. They change it seasonally adopting the trends, but you can find a trench according to your likes almost at every brand house. A nice version of the trench coat is Balenciaga cotton trench coat.

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