How to style Roy corduroy trousers

How to Style Roy corduroy trousers

Statement trousers have a place in every businesswoman’s closet. Whether they are patterned, brightly coloured or tailored to perfection, the right pair of trousers can transform your outfit into something special.

If you are feeling adventurous but do not fancy anything too out of the box just yet, Isabel Marant’s Roy corduroy trousers are a stylish and easy-to-wear option when it comes to making a statement.

How can a businesswoman style Roy corduroy trousers?

Start with these corduroy trousers…

Soft but structured, these Roy corduroy trousers have a drawstring waist that cinches in your waist and gives you a coveted hourglass figure. Thanks to the clever vertical stripes that are part of the fabric’s texture, your legs will look long and lean.

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