How to style silk and jacquard dress?

How to style a silk and jacquard dress

Dresses have always been considered as a reflection of a femininity. Since the earliest ages, the women were required to wear the dresses and pants were not allowed, even banned. In that time, the dresses were long, balloony, layered and wore with corsets. Since then, a lot has changed and the dress has evolved in many variations and lengths. The maxi dresses are now most commonly seen as elegant gowns. Today, the mini and midi dresses are considered as unavoidable part of every businesswoman’s wardrobe. Wearing a dress has maintained as the feminine distinguishing mark that resembles sensuality, elegancy and softness.

Why dress?

If you want to bring some freshness into your outfit, the dress is always a good option. Being a one-piece clothing garment, it will save you time in combining and pairing. It is not time consuming, it delivers different look than the regular choice of pants and it is attractive. The dress is comfortable, easy wear, suitable for both work and casual occasions. Today, the fashion choices of the dresses are so wide that you do not have to limit yourself in choosing. They are made of most different fabrics – from silk and velvet as luxurious ones, to the most ordinary cotton ones as an everyday solution.

How can a businesswoman wear a dress?

Wearing a dress is very easy, you just need to find your right fit. This means that you need to try few different models to see which one or two suits you best. From there, you can go shopping and update your wardrobe. Each dress can be worn in a new way if it is paired appropriately. For spring time, always add a short jacket or blazer over the dress, with flats or heels. The summer time does not require additional outerwear. Choose a linen dress and pair it with ballerinas or sandals. Dresses for fall and winter are usually made by heavier materials and fabrics due to the colder weather. They should be paired with shirt or rollneck underneath it, tights and boots, ankle boots or heels. The options are various and interesting.

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