How to style a wool overcoat

How to style a wool overcoat

With winter well and truly here, it’s time to think about your winter wardrobe and wearing overcoats. After all, there’s no reason, as a businesswoman, why an overcoat can’t be trendy as well as practical. In fact, there’s a tonne of fantastic pieces around that will keep you warm, whilst showing off your chic and stylish side. Wool overcoats are ideal for this as they offer the warmth and functionality desired from an overcoat, whilst still allowing you to add personality and elegance to the look. Remember, not all wool overcoats need to blend into a sea of dull jackets, coats and jumpers.

We’re currently loving this Dries Van Noten Wool Overcoat; with it’s bold colour and classic style, it’s a fantastic choice. This style of wool overcoat looks fantastic on every body type and it can be dressed up or down, meaning you’ll get a great deal of wear out of it. Whether you opt for a sophisticated businesswoman look or you go for something a little more formal, it’ll work well. So, the question is, how do you style a wool overcoat?

Styling a Wool Overcoat as a businesswoman

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