10 apps to boost your productivity this week

10 apps to boost your productivity this week

So, hands up if you have rocked up for work on a Monday morning and seriously not felt the love. It is hard to be a businesswoman and stay in love with any job 52 weeks of the year even if you love your career. There are still going to be days where spinning on your chair or having one too many cups of coffee are going to be more appealing than the work mounting up in your inbox. However, it must be done. Taking advantage of the numerous tools available on the internet to help you with productivity can give your work a boost, so we have put together ten of the best apps to boost your productivity this week.

1. Asana

Collaborative apps are trending in 2017 with more and more businesses realising the benefit of having visual representations of workflows and the ability to control and assign tasks from one location. There are hundreds vying for your attention, but we have chosen Asana as it is intuitive to use and can be accessed from desktops or mobiles, so staff locations are not an issue.

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