How to style a Mohair-blend sweater

How to style a Mohair-blend sweater

Sweaters are specifically warming and cozy garments of the wardrobe. From the earliest times, they have been made from the finest wool to keep the one wearing it warm. The heavier they were, the warmer they were considered to be. Sweaters became regular part of the clothing for people who lived in the colder climate. But, that has changed. Sweaters have evolved and became fashion garments, depending on the fabric they are designed of. Their usage now is not limited to only keep you warm but to look fashionable too. One type of these before mentioned sweaters is the mohair sweater.

What is mohair?

Mohair is very soft fabric, made from the hair of Angora goat. It is silk-like and durable, known for the sheen it gives the garment. This fabric is known for being very warm, naturally elastic and like cashmere and angora, defined as luxury fiber. It is suitable for the skin and very comfortable.

How can a businesswoman style a mohair-blend sweater?

The most common use of the mohair is in the sweaters. This type of sweater offers both casual and elegant look, depending on the occasion when you are wearing it. The casual look is achieved by combining the sweater with jeans and sneakers. A silk scarf perfectly adds to this look, suitable for both day and night. The more formal look is when the sweater is combined with elegant trousers and stiletto boots. It is good as work outfit, for after-work drinks or business meeting. To style up the look, add a long pendant necklace and watch. All of these, and many more combinations can be easily achieved with the Brunello Cucinelli’s mohair-blend sweater.

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