How to style a velvet blazer

How to Style a velvet blazer

In recent runway collections, we’ve seen velvet make a big comeback. Though it was once a fabric associated with styles of the past, velvet has reemerged and it’s proving to be popular among both designer brands and high street stores. There are a tonne of fantastic ways to wear velvet, either as a key piece of an outfit or as a subtle accessory. However, one of our favourite ways to rock the velvet look for a businesswoman, is with a blazer.

A velvet blazer is a great way to add texture and interest into an outfit, as it stands out as being much more than just a plain way to cover up. In fact, there’s no reason as to why a velvet blazer cannot become the focal piece. The Saint Laurent Velvet Blazer is a prime example of this; as well as being an extra layer for an outfit it works well as a statement item that adds elegance, class and fashion. Plus, it’s extremely on trend.

How to Style a Velvet Blazer as a businesswoman

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