Are these the most inspirational women CEOs on the planet?

Are These the Most Inspirational Women CEOs on the Planet?

If you’re a woman working in a business environment—from retail to law, HR to finance, charity, or any other sector—you’re in a great position to be an inspirational role model to other women. Whether you already are or aspire to become a leader, a senior manager, or a CEO, you can inspire others by learning from most inspirational women in business.

Here are five female CEOs that might inspire you, and their keys to success…

Lauren Bush Lauren, FEED

Lauren Bush Lauren, FEEDLauren Bush Lauren started fashion brand FEED in 2007—with little money and little business knowledge. But she didn’t let that stop her. Since then, her ethical brand has provided 87 million meals to starving children around the world! More than just creating a fashion brand or a business, Lauren’s aim was to make a difference to her cause.

The key to business success for Lauren is finding a motivating cause. Being motivated by a desire to help others—and using your business to make change happen—can be the key to your success.

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