How to style a Plaid Blazer

How to style a Plaid Blazer

Wearing a blazer provides an elegant and classic look that every businesswoman can easily achieve. Blazer and pants are combination that has both business and formal look and represents serious attitude. Blazers are suitable for almost all seasons during the year. Depending on the fabric they are made of, the blazers can be easily combined with different garments and accessories. This season, the plaid blazer is very popular and trendy. It overcomes the monochromatic blazer and ups the whole look on a different level. While the monochromatic blazers allow colorful accessories and prints, the plaid blazer, on the contrary, requires monochromatic shirts, accessories and footwear.

Why plaid?

Plaid is retro. If you wear plaid, that means that you have overcome the classic blazer color and looks, and you are ready to move forward. The print is one of the most popular prints that goes well on blazers. Plaid blazers often have colored buttons that makes them even more interesting.

How can a businesswoman wear a plaid blazer?

Plaid is both formal and casual print, that can be paired with plain or plaid trousers too. When pairing it with plain trousers or pencil skirt, keep in mind that the shirt and the tights should be also plain and monochromatic. Pairing the plaid blazer with jeans is one of the most popular combinations, both for work and leisure activities. It gives chic and fancy look and goes well with small messenger bag and moccasins. Plaid on plaid is daring combination, official and business appropriate. Our suggestion for all these options is the Chloé Plaid blazer.

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