Figue Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2018

Figue Spring-Summer 2018 Ready to Wear

When Stephanie von Watzdorf founded her brand Figue back in 2012, it was certain that it will grow rapidly and become popular. Well, that has proven right. With her resume, eclectic personal style and life perspective, the designer is the leader in creating a lifestyle that does not follow the usual fashion and rules. She is always going for the easy and bohemian spirit. When she designs and creates the pieces for certain collection, she bears in mind that the same pieces can be worn in other season too, with some modifications. That line of modern thinking has gotten her high in the fashion world. Living and working in New York, she is known for her jet set lifestyle. That lifestyle has enabled and inspires her to create crafty collections. The spring 2018 season, Watzdorf found her inspiration in Positano, Italy and Trancoso, Brasil.

She merged the awning stripes of Positano with the rustic coastal flavor of Trancoso into creating a rustically bohemian collection. Her signature style was kept into the caftans, but they came into new shapes, varying from long-sleeved midis to silk robes. The style of wearing them is both open or cinched. The designs are vacation-ready with a fresh breeze of the bohemian vibe. The prints on the garments were a blend of tropical Brazilian florals and Positano’s fresh beachside chic. All the collection screamed summertime. The kimonos were cool, with vibrant prints. The cotton shirts were voluminous. They came into few variants – with stripes, some more solid, some full of mixed prints. The beach style was perfected with the kimonos and shirts combined over printed pajama pants and also with jeans.

The colors were vibrant, bold, warm – everything what a summer should be. Blues, yellows, reds were mixed with stripes or boho prints, colorful and happy, with tassels on them. All the looks would not have been complete without appropriate accessorizes. The footwear was introduced with moccasin sneakers and slip-on sneakers with fluffy pom-poms on them. Bag were beach-ready, also with tassels and ruffles, with mix prints. This collection was different compared to what other brands offered, but concerning the designer’s lifestyle and vision, nothing else was expected. However, if you did not have appropriate beachwear, here you can most definitely find interesting pieces.